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     Since I was the age of five years old,  I've had the passion to create!  Throughout my life, I've dabbled in different types of art and creations. I've experimented with many processes and mediums ranging from hand sculpted jewelry, designing clothing, painting murals, to drawing with charcoal and graphite.  Out of all of the styles and techniques, painting has been my favorite!  
   When I attended Indiana Wesleyan University in 1990,  I majored in Studio Art.  My passion for painting was fueled even more.  I found a love for working with watercolors and acrylics.  I remember going on a field trip to Chicago with one of my art classes. We attended an art museum where a special Matisse exhibition was being shown.  I fell in love with his use of vibrant color and loose style.  It really inspired and influenced me as an artist, along with Monet's work.  
  Around 2009,  after years of "dabbling" in and out of painting, I literally woke up one day and said, "I'm gonna go for it!  Go for my dream of being a full time artist!"  I started creating paintings at a feverish pace in between working at restaurants and other odd jobs, just to keep the bills paid.
  I kept up this way of life for about 4 years.  I would sell my work every now and then,  but never made enough to support myself fully.  It did prove to be an essential period of time that I needed to develop my unique style and original techniques. 
  The turning point in my journey came when I decided  to combine a few of the techniques I'd been doing separately on different paintings into one style.  I put these experimental pieces in a small art show I was showing at in downtown Denver.  I started selling one painting after another that day!  I kept thinking to myself, "Is this a fluke?!".  I'd never sold that much work before at one show. It ended up not being a fluke and the selling trend continued for me.  Thankfully,  I was able to quit all the other jobs I'd been doing and move into being a full time artist about six years ago.  
  I've been a part of several art festivals throughout these years, with a growing interest in my work.  Creating custom pieces for clients has been a favorite part of my work that has grown exponentially over the past couple of years!  It's been so rewarding meeting new people and collaborating with them to create the perfect piece for their homes.   I am truly thankful to be living my dream and cannot wait to see what lies around the corner!!!  I hope to inspire you and others with my story and for you to go for your dreams!  Be inspired! 
-Sarah G.